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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Super Duper Dad!

Okay, so this past weekend we went up to spend it with my dad and step mom Jerri for my dad's birthday. It is the first time I think he has been home on his actual birthday in... FOREVER! Well, it seems that way anyway ;). Both my sisters already live by him so they were there of course. Garthy came up with us. Morgan, Devin and Tig drove up also. Christopher and his girlfriend Stacy stopped by Saturday evening to play awhile. We had such a good time! I love spending time with my family and it is always a treat to spend it with my dad. Especially at Deer Hollow! WOW! What a place to go to. I have a really hard time leaving usually. Yuck, who want to go back to the city anyhow? Not me! Not Lloyd! Well, probably Ashley and Garthy :).

On Saturday we went into town to the 4H/FFA auction. I don't think our teenage city kids enjoyed it too much. However, I really did. Tig loved all the animals and liked petting them. Their was someone selling puppies there, and Tig stood watching the puppies. She really wanted a puppy MOM! But alas, she is doomed to share my menagerie.... With baby brother almost here in a month or so, Tig potty training, I think mom and dad have their hands full :). Dad and Jerri had fun at the auction also. They ended up buying about a dozen sheep. They're gonna share ;). It is so cool, I think, how these kids get to raise these animals. They take care of them, show them and auction them off. The money raised at the auction then goes to help pay for their college. Win-win situation. The kids get a great way to learn and pay for college and the person buying the animals get a great home grown product.

After the auction we went back to dad's for a B-B-Q at the pool house. So very cool! It is so beautiful there. It was a picture perfect day to play outside and swim. And what a view!

So we swam, played, visited and of course ate...

Me sitting by the Birthday Dad

The two sisters grinning

Uncle Ross and Garthy "hanging"

Chris and his girlfriend Stacy came that evening. We finally met Stacy! Gees Christopher, you'd think we were really scary or something ;) lol... Tigone LOVES her Uncle Chris. It is so cute to watch them play. Chris is so good with her and makes her giggle and laugh like you wouldn't believe. I think it is because they are both so silly :).

Christopher and Stacy

Tig hugging her Uncle Chris

Chris and Tig playing!

Chef Dev, the official BBQr for the night

Grandpa checking out his birthday cake I made him.

I love to bake cakes and decorate them. My cakes are either totally scratch or semi-scratch, with special ingredients that make them different. (Going to have to do a post about cakes, huh?) I love decorating them also. My frosting is homemade (unless it's fondant). I love brain storming for ideas, themes and techniques. (Check out the couple links I have to cake sites). Dad's cake was really fun. It was a fudge chocolate cake with Boston Creme filling and butter cream frosting. I kind of did a this is your life cake. Started on one corner with an image of the State of Nevada in blue, with a sheep silhouette in it and a dot for the south where he was born. I had a highway going around it with a semi-truck from one of his first jobs. It had a gravel pit, with equipment. A jungle with animals, a farm with animals. I wrote words to songs (or improvised on one or two songs words) to fit the themes. I think it turned out all right. Dad liked it and that's all that matters.

Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa!Song

Life is a Highway (modified)by Rascal Flats from the movie Cars

Grandpa Frehner had a farm ei ei ooo (moodified from Old Mc Donald had farm :P...

In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle from the Lion King
Top view of cake with modified words from Life is a Highway on the side...

I think the night went well. Everyone had a good time and went to bed full and happy.

Grandma and Grandpa relaxing
Tonya and Ross
Lloyd and I...

Devin and Morgan (and soon to arrive baby AJ Baldwin)

Grandma and Grandpa getting invaded by the Grand kids, Tiggy, Ashley & Garthy...

The next Morning Grandma Jerri went and played tennis with Garthy, Ashley and Lloyd. What a hoot. You could hear them all the way over at Deer Hollow cracking up. Must of been quite a game!

Grandma is a great tennis player...

Garthy is wanting to be and working at it...

Ashley...well anyone who tries to play tennis in flip-flops... :)

After they were finished, we all had breakfast together for Grandpa's "official" birthday. Yum Yum!

Happy Birthday DAD!

Man it's hard to leave and go back to Vegas...

1 comment:

Britni said...

how dare you tease knew very well i wasn't there and you still post pictures and tell me all about it. PLUS Stacy was there! what the heck! i haven't met her yet!