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Monday, September 22, 2008

I think our house has a sign...

I think our house has an invisible sign:

"Animals, do you feel unloved
and unwanted? Are you hungry
and afraid? There is hope...
Enter here! Pets live long, long
lives! And they never turn anyone
away! You'll get fat and Sassy!"

Since we've been married we have had quite the
menagerie. Dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, bunnies,
chipmunks, turtles, lizards, fish, yucky crawly things,
chickens, horses... I've probably forgot something,
but they have lived with us, become apart of our
family... Lived looonggg lives and for the most part,
liked each other!

This is my nephews "visiting" Dog
sleeping by a couple of my dogs
and chickens.

Very strange, our house can be (and just not the
humans). It seems when someone or some pet
needs a home they end up at our house. Currently,
it's no different!

For anyone of you that haven't heard the Chiwa story,
I'll explain. A few months ago (in the spring) their was
this chihuahua running around in the neighborhood. She
was skittish, and skinny, obviously abandoned. So after
a month or so, she started coming into our front yard.
Like the big softy he is (not me:) Lloyd decides we should
put a bowl of water out for her. And food. Well, we already
have a "few pets" two big labs - Theo and Maggie, two
little dogs - Hada and Pebbles (technically I don't think
Pebbles qualifies as a dog, she thinks she's a baby and
don't believe anything Ashley or Lloyd says!), a few cats
some fish. Anyway, after a few weeks this little chihuahua
jumps our wall and starts hanging out with our other dogs!
Lloyd finally gains her trust (after she bit him) and she
one of the family (short version). We even found a lovely
home for her with a guy we know. She --declined.
Very-emphatically by eating every set of blinds in his condo!

This is Chiwa.

She totally loves Lloyd! I'm okay as long as he's not home,
but if she had her preference.... So anyway, Chiwa (her official
name) now lives with us. She sleeps in (and I mean IN) our
bed at Lloyd's feet. (Man, is Pebbs jealous!)
Chiwa and the love of her life :)
Here are a few of our other pets. I don't
have pictures of them all on here. For one,
not all of them are on this computer and
two, it would take up a lot of room (JK).
Pebbles is right now our oldest pet. She is 13.
However, is is not the oldest we have had.
A.C. the cat was 25 when she died and...
Lizzie the dog was 17 when she died.
Lizzie loved kids and would follow
them everywhere. Even up to the tree
house at our old house. It was about
20 feet up. She loved to climb. We
even found her on the roof of the house
once when a ladder was left out against it!
Hada our long haired wiener dog
Pomeranian mix...Love the ears!
He is the next oldest at 10 years old
Theo our chocolate lab (and he is
definitely a "chocolate" for anyone
that knows what I mean :) is 6 years
old. He is such a handsome boy!
Play! Play! Play! is his motto!
Maggie is probably our youngest.
We're not sure because we don't
know how old Chiwa is. Maggie
is a good girl (especially if she'd
stop chewing everything up. Like
trailer wiring etc.). She is very
This is Lloyd hiking with his
boys. They love to go go go!
Hada and Pebbles resting in
Grandma Arlene's room a few
years ago. Aren't they cute?
They had been to the groomers.
So, this is just a sample. When I get a few more pet pics scanned
into my computer I'll post some more. I know for most the
absence of a picture of Aspen will be a biggie. He was our huge
Alaskan Malamute/Wolf dog. He was the most awesome dog. The
kids all loved him.

1 comment:

Devin, Morgan & Antigone said...

I would agree. But atleast Tigi loves your latest addition. :)