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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes!

The beginning of last summer (2007), my MIL Gayle (the best MIL ever!) and I took a series of cake decorating classes. It was a whole bunch of fun. By the end of the summer we were pretty tired of cake and frosting :). Yes it's true. Me the frosting addict was sick of it! It didn't last long...

Here are most of the cakes we made for class... (I forgot to take pictures of a couple of the very first cakes! No big loss trust me ;).

First layer cake made. The Jesse is on there
as a joke. Jesse HATES clowns! Writing was
harder than it looked.

Course one final cake.

Course 2 final cake.

Lloyd's Grandma Shorty had a
a birthday a couple days after
the end of course two. So we
used a mixture of both Gayle and
my royal icing flowers to make her
cake. She loved to garden and her
flowers at one time.

In course 3 we worked with fondant.

Course 3 final cake. Had to
be a tiered cake. This was the
last class we have taken so far.
There is one more in the Wilton
series. Gum Paste and Fondant.
Maybe eventually, but I still use
it and play with it ;) Even found
some fondant that taste half way
decent. Easier to work with too.

My FAVORITE Nephew (JK, JK, sorry-
family joke) Dillon had his 16th birthday
the month we finished classes. This was
my first official none class cake. It
turned out really cute. Dill wants to be
a farmer and live off the land. The cake
was a blackberry cake with blackberry
frosting. YUM YUM! Dill loved it and
he doesn't really like cake.

Time flew by, and I'd make a cake now and
then. I forget to take pictures frequently. Ugh...
This last year I have found a couple awesome web
sites that have really given me ideas and instruction
of do's and don'ts etc. You can find them on
my links list. Cake Wrecks is hilarious! Sometimes
disturbing, but always makes me smile. Cake Central
is just awesome. It feeds my cake and candy making
addictions. ;) When Britni moved in and we started
doing a lot of wedding stuff, I really started doing a lot
of things in the kitchen again. It has become my latest
thing...again :).

I decided in the beginning that I wanted to make different
flavor cakes and frosting's. So, they are all homemade or
semi starting with a regular cake mix. Some have been hits...
some not so :)...

Here is a few other cakes I've made this year.

Ashley turned 16 this year. I made this
cake for her SURPRISE birthday party.
It was strawberry with strawberry frosting.

This was her sweet sixteen cake for
our family round-up weekend that
fell on her birthday this year. The
Sponge Bob cake was an inside joke
between Ash and I. She would make
jokes about wanting a Sponge Bob cake
for her 16th B-day. This one was also

Tiggy turned two. She is totally into horses and My Little
Ponies! They have to go everywhere with her. This is
the cake I made for her.

My very cute niece (they are all gorgeous!) turned 18 and
graduated the same week. She was having a "Hippie Party"
and wanted me to make a cake with that theme in mind.
She also wanted an unusual flavor to go along with it. The
first cake was a trial cake. It was grape flavor. Britni loved
it. Everyone else, not so much... The second cake is the cake
that went to the party. It was a watermelon cake with straw-
berry/watermelon icing. She absolutely loved it.
This is the cake I made for Britni's
bridal shower. The flowers were fun.
The bride/doll cake was doing great,
until I tried to put polka-a-dots on the
skirt like her real dress. The top layer
and doll were watermelon flavor, the
bottom layer was banana pound cake.
Watermelon has turned into most of
the kids favorite flavor.
The same day I had Britni's shower, I also
had told my neighbor I'd make a princess
theme cake for her great-granddaughters
first b-day. This is what I ended up doing
after the shower on Saturday for Amaya's
party on Sunday. It was strawberry/banana

In an earlier post I showed this one. It was for
my dad's 73rd birthday. It was a lot of fun. It
was a dark chocolate fudge cake with a Boston
Cream filling. The frosting is vanilla flavored.
It was a your life theme cake. Totally FUN to do!

The front desk girl where Lloyd works (Heidi) is pregnant.
I had been wanting to do something for her. She has been
looking forward to starting their family. It was kind of funny,
cause I did the think pink theme as a joke. The day Lloyd
took it to work she had her first ultra-sound. It's looking
like the think pink mantra is working! It was Chocolate
fudge cake with Boston Creme filling also.
Anyway, so far these are the cakes I or Lloyd,remembered
to take pics of. I totally enjoy doing them. If you need a cake,
I need practice! Let me know. I'll do them for free, you pay
for speciality materials (like things for the top, or special fillings
or ingredients).


Devin, Morgan & Antigone said...

You know how much we LOVE your delicious cakie-ness!

jenjamin said...

Those are some serious cakes. You could have made Sam-burgers "Hamburger Cake" for his 2nd b-day on Saturday. Hope all is well. I am glad to see you are a blogger. I'll be following :) Love ya!

Britni said...

best cakes EVER!