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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wyoming in the Spring

Wyoming is a unique state.  It has amazing natural wonders.  On the west side of the state, you have Yellowstone and Teton National Park.  You have The Bighorn Mountains, in the North Central part of the state. There are amazing valleys and Mountains.  The first National Monument, the Devils Tower, in my neck of the state.  The wildlife is phenomenal!

Growing up in the Southwest area of the United States, it had its own beauty.  One thing you could count on is lots of sunshine.  You had some crazy weather occasionally, but sunshine, it was pretty much guaranteed most days of the year. It made you excited for a little storm to go through for a little variation.

Here in the Northwest part of the Wyoming, the weather is not so predictable.  In the Springtime it can vary 40 degrees in a day.  Sunshine and 70 one day, 30 and snowing the next.  It is quite the adventure, to be sure.  However, I love the spring time here.

Baby everything starts to make their entrances.  Calving season is in progress.  Nothing cuter than a little calf, a lamb, piglets, or goats.  Wildlife babies will also start making their appearance as the season progresses.  It is a time of renewal and new beginnings. 

I'm patiently waiting for our cows to begin calving, to give each one a number and a name.  Yes, I name all of our cows.  They all have a personality and our happy little herd is spoiled and fairly gentle.  Our first cow we purchased was a little calf that had to be bottle fed.  She is still a big baby. Her name is Wendy.  She is such a good momma.  Wendy has the most beautiful calves.  I only name the females, it is too hard when the males (steer) have to go to market. It is easier if they don't have names to let them go.

In the coming weeks, hopefully, I will be able to get some good pictures and share with you the joys of spring here where I am.  I hope you are enjoying springtime wherever you may be.

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