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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February already?

     The first month of 2017 has flown by for me.  Do you remember as a kid when the days would linger on and on?  Especially when you were waiting for a special day or event?  Why is it, as an adult, the days go faster and faster?  I think as an adult we have more going on.  More irons in the fire and more items on your to do list, more commitments we tend to have.  This "adulting" gig can become overwhelming at times.  Deadlines, due dates, start dates, appointments, they all have us constantly going, worrying, planning, stressing and just frustrated sometimes. 

     I find myself not taking the time to enjoy life as it is meant to be.  Although I enjoy life, sometimes I have on blinders and worry about the "adulting" things and forget about stopping to smell the roses per say.  Today I told my hubby I want to go plow the roads after our storm yesterday and last night.  In the skid steer I went.  I had my water, Meeko's control gear, and off Meeko and I went.  She loves running along side the skid steer or the UTV.  She just likes to go.  Anyway, after a brief practice run to remind me how all the controls work, I got to work.  It was so much fun.  It was enjoyable to just do something that is not normally part of my day.  It took just over an hour I think, but it was a joy.  Some may say I'm a little crazy, but I enjoyed it.  Perhaps if it was something I HAD to do day after day it may not have been. 

     This brought me to the conclusion that it is good to switch things up a bit.  Switch chores with a loved one.  Cross train at work if possible.  Try a new hobby or a new work out.  Learn something new.  Do something that lets you see another side of life.  If you don't enjoy it, well at least you tried and maybe it will help you appreciate something someone else does regularly or what you normally do more. 

     On that note, I have applied for 4 jobs this last week.  One I have never worked at or anything even similar, but they said they would train the right candidate.  Well, why not? It could be interesting and fulfilling.  The other three I have not done directly.  I have been or volunteered in aspects of each, but have not actually been paid to do two of them. The other one is in the realm of something I was cross trained for at one time in a different industry.  We'll see what happens.  One of these I would dearly love to get the position.  It is something I am passionate about and have volunteered a significant amount of time doing in the past.  I could easily see my self doing it for the next 10-15 years.  This is the one I am hoping and praying I am hired to do.  I'll keep you updated on how the search goes.

     Lastly, I have to tell you one of the results of my "healthy me" journey.  I have had several people comment on how much better I look, more radiant and healthy.  Yes, in the past year people were always asking me if I was doing ok, was I sick, or tired.  It happened all the time!  But in the last month or so, people have really been noticing my appearance looks healthy and as one person put it, radiant.  I attribute this change, to the things I have changed (see post It's Been Awhile).  Juice Plus I  feel has been a huge factor.  Let me know if I can help you on your journey to healthy again!

     Have an awesome week!



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