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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Can I just say I love Sunday's! They just make life renewed. I notice some Sunday mornings when I would rather sleep in than get up and ready for church, those are Sundays I need to go to church the most. As I have aged (yes it's true :) and hopefully gained a little wisdom, I notice that if I am struggling to get going, there is a message I most of all need to hear.

Today was a fifth Sunday in the month. They are usually missionary Sundays. Reserved for the missionaries serving in the ward to speak. Today they spoke along with the mission leader and a couple of others. One of the missionaries has only been out in the mission field for a few months. He is from Brazil. The language has been a challenge for him. He is coming along with it well. When he gives his testimony it is sincere, strong, and you can't help but feel his special spirit and know he was sent here, to this mission, for a reason. One thing he said really struck me and made an impression. It was that we need to just open our mouths. How can we share the gospel if we don't? I'm probably not conveying his thoughts anywhere near what was felt in Sacrament Meeting. The thought that if we are willing to open our mouths, Heavenly Father will give us the words. For me at least, that is one stumbling block. Not knowing, or thinking I will not know, what to say to someone. How to word something or to get my thoughts and feelings across or understood. However, all we have to do is be willing to open our mouths around others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he will give us the words to speak. Especially if we are praying, studing the scriptures and willing.

The mission leader told a story of a 12 year old boy who had gone to Africa (Kenya I think) and meeting some native children his age. The language and culture barriers were there, but they kept trying to connect in some way. The boys father gave him a chocolate bar to him to share with the others. He broke off a square of it and tried to give it to one of the boys. He wouldn't take it and stepped back quickly. The boy then showed him it was to eat by doing so himself and then broke off another piece and handed it to another boy. The boy took it, nibbled at a corner, his eyes wide after tasting it, then plopped the whole piece in his mouth in joy. The other children seeing his joy, then all wanted a piece. When they came back to the village again, the boy and his father were surrounded by about 30 or 40 youths all wanting a square of chocolate to enjoy. He compared the story to sharing little morsels of the Gospel where ever we go. One little bite or thought can open a person to a joy more lasting than a morsel of chocolate. We just have to share it.

So, my thought for you to day is, share your morsels of the Gospel whenever you have a chance. Just open your mouth and let the Lord help with the rest. Study, pray and be willing to be an instrument in the Lords hands. I promise you, He lives and loves each of us. He knows you personaly. He knows your challenges and weakness. Get to know him better so you can share his message with others. If you have questions go to to know more about my beliefs.

I know God lives. He is the Savior of this world and his atonement was for each and everyone of us. We have a Heavenly Father, a Savior our Elder Brother Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, who know us, love us, and want us to return home to them. They provided the way for us to do so. He restored the whole gospel of Jesus Christ through His modern day prophet Joseph Smith Jr. And has a modern day prophet Thomas Monson living at this time.

Keep doing good! Love one another. And never forget that you always have someone that loves YOU!

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