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Friday, August 29, 2008

Have to begin somewhere

I decided to get on the band wagon. With so many family and friends getting farther and farther away, and ME being the worse journal and letter writer, I thought maybe this would help. We'll see. I make no promises :).

Summer is all but over (except the heat here!). The kids are back in school. Ashley is a junior in High School and working at Sonic.

Ashley and her FIRST paycheck!

Jesse graduated from UC Davis the beginning of August. He and Nicole have moved into a house with some other friends and are getting on with life.

A really old picture of Jesse and Nicole the last time they both visisted.

Britni and David are married.

Mr. & Mrs. David James Richards...

Bailey is away at college.

Bryana now lives back east and works in DC.

Two of my very cute nieces Bry & Bai.

Morgan, Devin and Antigone

The other nieces are off doing adult things (like working :). (Notice lack of pictures? Hmmm.)

The nephews are either back in school also and working or working and doing their own things. (Amazing lack of good pictures of nephews together!)

Dom, Nadine & Jenna at Brits wedding.
(Have to get pictures somehow :)

The sisters have moved to New Harmony by Dad :( and left me in the big city alone...

Me and Dad at wedding. Me and MEAN big sisters :)

What does all this mean? My house is very very QUITE for the most part. Well except for the plane crashing into the neighbors house. Huge plumes of smoke and fire. Helicopters hovering day and night, people driving through the neighborhood to try and get a look. Official type people everywhere. But other than that pretty quite.

Pretty scary stuff. Second one this week! Thank goodness no one in the home was hurt, unfortunately the pilot was killed. I was talking to Morgan on the phone when I heard it. Looked out the laundry room window and could see the flames and smoke.

Thank goodness for Morgan and Tiggy who come to play. Tiggy makes me smile and laugh. She is a lot of fun. (However; she misses giving Britni the EYES.)

Tiggy helping her Mom sing Grandpa Frehner's Farm at Cousin's camp!
I LOVE this picture! It is so Tiggy!

She came over tonight for awhile. She loves teasing her Uncle Lloyd! There is no better sound than a little girl or boy laughter and giggles! She loves our two littlest dogs. I think they are the real reason she like to come see us. Well them and the nacks (fruit snacks) I have in the cupboard.

Tiggy and Pebbles sitting together. Chiwa the wonder dog.

I mean even Britni loves Chiwa. She and David have pictures of her everywhere! ;)

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