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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's Been a While

     It's been a while since I've been on my blog.  Life gets busy and I let the priority of blogging slip. Much has happened, some good, some not so good.  Life goes on.  We grow, we learn and we move forward.

     This year I turn 50.  I'm not sure how that happened.  I decided (even though I'm a couple weeks behind) to take a page from my sister-in-law, Julia at  She blogged her journey to 50 a few years ago.  My journey will be different, because I'm different.  However, I want to share it with you.  The things I want to focus on are my health and wellness, trying new things, growth spiritually, and developing a new business/career that will work for me where I live.

      My health and wellness journey has been on going and has really taken a turn for the better in the last 6-9 months.  On December 12, 2015, I had my piano we were moving fall off a forklift from above me about 3 feet and land flat on me.  It had me pinned from about the waist down.  You know in the cartoons when a piano falls out a window or something similar and flattens the character?  That is what it felt like.  There are many reasons this happened and why it shouldn't have, but we won't go into them.  What I will tell you is my husband threw the piano off me and I laid there several minutes.  My husband was rightly panicked and I wasn't sure if I could move or not.  I asked him to give me a minute to recover my senses to see how I was.  It took more than a minute needless to say.  I slowly rolled over on my belly and crawled to the fence post and climbed my way up.  By standing on my own, I was pretty sure nothing was broken.  I told him I was I didn't think I need the ambulance.  That was probably not smart on my end, but hey, I'm stubborn.

     We actually finished moving the piano.  I know, right?!  Stubborn.  I went and rested, messaged my EMT chief to let him know what happened.  He also said I should have gone to the emergency room.  Of course I didn't. Extremely stubborn.   The next Monday I was scheduled to substitute teach at our local school.  I asked if they had anyone else available for that day.  They did not.  They already had every available substitute working.  So, I went in or I should I say hobbled in and made it through the day.  After that, I was down for approximately 2 months and still had knee, leg and lower back problems.  That was health set back number one.

     Number 2 happened that March when I had stomach surgery.  It has a long back story that goes along with it.  I'll try to condense it.  In January 2005 I went to Mexico and had a lap band put on.  I was at my wits end with my weight and also the heaviest I had ever been.  I had a dear friend who had great success with hers she had done a year prior.  To say my experience with my band was horrible, is an understatement.  I couldn't eat or sometimes even drink water.  I wasn't getting the healthy nutrients my body needed.  I was eating junk (highly processed) foods.  It was the only thing I could keep down.  My health was declining (even though I lost 50 pounds, it was a very unhealthy loss).  I finally was told by my physicians in Mexico that they couldn't figure out why I was having a certain issue and that it wasn't related to the band, but that I should see if a U.S. physician could figure it out. They "emptied" my band.  I couldn't find a doctor in my city that would touch me with the band (I decided to get the French version instead of the U.S. one.).  After a couple years and many issues I finally found one that would see me.  His out look was not good.  Previously he had been the chief surgeon at Cedar Sinai in L.A.  He had seen a couple others like mine that had to come out and they had not gone well.  He told me I'd be down 3-6 months if I decided my band should come out.  Who has time or money for that?  I opted to keep it in. 

     Fast forward several years.  I am now living in Wyoming.  Through a friend I finally found another doctor who would take me as a patient in South Dakota.  My friend also had the band and really liked this doctor (who also took hers out after she had issues).  Dr. Sufficool had never seen my type of band, but researched it and said he would take it out.  My surgery was at the end of March.  I had a Priesthood blessing from my husband and Branch President of my local unit at church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) the Sunday prior to my Tuesday surgery.  I was scheduled to stay overnight.  Not only was my surgery a success, it took less time than anticipated, there were no problems and I was actually able to leave the surgery center that day and stay in a motel room with my husband that night and go home the next day.  It was amazing and a miracle in my book.  Incident number 2 though had me down for another month or so.

     With those two issues somewhat under control, I was then able to take a look at some other health issues that had been plaguing me for years (talking decades here).  I had given up on doctors, mostly. I had been trying to do things as natural as possible. Anything synthetic made me ill after even a few weeks.  (Example, vitamin supplements, energy booster I won't name, pretty much anything that wasn't from nature). The month of May rolled around and all though I was eating better again, I was not doing well.  I had actually ordered a German Shepherd pup to train as a service dog, since I hand not been able to find a doctor that gave me hope of having a productive active life style.  People always asked me if I was okay, was I feeling well, that I didn't look well.  I looked tired.  My sugar levels where up and down (I had been pre-diabetic since 18 and full blown diabetic since 2010).  I was extremely fatigued and achy.  My desire to do anything was gone.  My sex drive was non-existent. I had given up hope.  I was not in a good place.

     In June one of my friends was telling me about similar problems she had and that she had found a doctor she was going to go see in Gillette that looked promising.  It took me a week or so, but I decided that I'd call just to see what it was about.  It was great timing.  Dr. Shelley Shepard was having a seminar the next week and there was still an opening.  I went.  I was amazed and for once in a very long time (again decades here) I had hope!  They took my blood that day.  Two weeks later I went in for my first treatment.  BioTE hormone replacement therapy was one of the key elements to getting my health and wellness back!  It isn't a quick fix.  My body took over 3 decades getting this far out of wack. It would take a while to get it functioning properly again. I couldn't expect a quick fix for something that took me years to develop. 

     In July, another friend of mine was telling me about a whole food supplement she had discovered and she ended up reintroducing me to Juice Plus. I had first heard about it from my best friend in the mid-90's.   After research and really studying the company, their product and process of producing the nutritional supplements, I was sold.  I tried it out and became a independent health consultant.  Again, not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change that would help bring my poor body back to health and wellness.

     This was the beginning (or in some cases, continuing) to my journey for health and wellness.  I will share with you my journey and progress with my health and other adventures.  I am not one to push any idea or product unless I am 100% behind the product and company.  I will share with you below website links so you may do your own research and investigating to.  I am always willing to answer questions about anything I put out there.  Just please be respectful in any comments for or against anything I post.  Hope you have a wonderful week!

     Here are the links I mentioned.  you may need to copy and paste some of them.

Julia (my sister-in-law)

Dr. Shelley Shepard, Gillette, Wyoming:
Bio-hormone Therapy:

Juice Plus:

If you are on Facebook, come like my page and follow along there also:

This is Meeko, my baby I picked up back in June of 2016.

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