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Monday, February 7, 2011


I feel the need to write tonight, but yet I'm not sure what it should be. I have deleted several beginnings. Thinking it wasn't what I needed to express. My mind tends to wander all over at times. Okay a lot. Jumping from one thought to another. I made a comment recently to a friend, that my mind works like my black lab Maggies'... squirrel ... it gets distracted frequently and easily. You know, like a dog who is doing something, sees a squirrel and gets side tracked for awhile until you can reign them back in.

The thought of squirrels, brought a memory of talking with my stepbrother Chris. He's an amazing guy, very driven, creative and talented. One evening we were having dinner at our parents house and the subject of my "squirrel" mind came up. I quite often have problems accomplishing tasks I set for my day because I get side tracked by a "squirrel". An example would be, I start the dishes, I walk into the other room to see if anyone left a cup in there. I see a shirt that was left and needs to go into the laundry basket. I walk into the bedroom to put it in the laundry basket and notice it's full, so I take it into the laundry room to start a load of laundry. On my way I stop by the bathroom to pick up any towels that need to be washed and notice the sink needs to be wiped off. As I walk by my office on the way to get cleaner I notice my computer and remember an email I was suppose to send.... This can go on and on if I'm not careful. A few hours later I wander back by the kitchen to see the dishes (still not done) that I began that morning! Nor is the laundry in the washer or the sink wiped down. Then I think, no wonder I never accomplish anything on some days. I chase to many squirrels!

After describing a typical squirrel episode, we talked about how that also can happen to people in general during there day and life. Their goals get squirreled! The squirrel can be caused by many things. Above is one example, but what about the co-worker who interrupts you with something they need. A friend who calls or stops by. A child with a need. All those things can happen (my example is an extreme, but plausible in my life) . So how do you keep focused? How do you get back on track when you've been squirreled? Life is full of distractions. Things come up everyday that you just can't avoid or ignore. I like being flexible for those occasions. I also like however; feeling like I've accomplished something each day.

Since that talk, I've thought quite a bit about it. I've come up with some things that have helped me. I keep a list of things I need to do. Give them a ranking of importance. I keep lists of things I need to purchase when I go to town. Yes, I still get squirreled. But the most important things are usually accomplished. My dishes still have a tendency to get forgotten. My strategy is not completed. It is a work in progress. I hope to find more solutions to my squirrel problem. I will find them... as long as I don't spot a squirrel.

1 comment:

Julia said...

So very true! I am a 'sister' squirrel.