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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cake Camp

For, four days in the middle of September, I was able to attend California Cake Club's Cake Camp! It was four days of cake classes, a Vendor room filled with "cake toys" and great people!

I had so much fun! I met some wonderful people, learned some great new things and was able to hone a few skills I needed work on. The teachers were amazing! I was exhausted after the four days were up, and could barely walk each night when I stumbled home :) but it was worth it...

I wish I would have remembered to take more pictures, especially of the people I met, but of course I always forget (that's why Lloyd does it :).

This is a few of my Yummy Art Pals. It wasn't all of them that were there, but we had a class by Tammy Utley right after this just for the YA members. It was great to meet them all in person after reading them on the forum for a couple of years...

This little fairy hippo princess is what Tami Utley taught us how to make. it was a lot of fun... she was very patient with all of us :)

I had ten classes (counting Tami's) and I remembered to get pictures of TWO of the instructors! Ugh... I am so bad about that. This was Kathy Scott... she taught quick and easy side designs. She was so much fun and funny too.

This is Roland Winbeckler. I had two classes with him. Writing Made Easy (hahahahaha, you need good penmanship to have good icemanship, which I don't :P ) and an Airbrush demonstration. He makes it all look so easy... but I am anxious to try some of his tips and such out.

I also took classes in ...

Painting on Sugar-Watercolor, pen & ink and oil effects by Ruth Rickey.
She so full of energy! I don't know how the lady does all the things she does and is involved in... I was tired just thinking about it!

I also took a class in making Cattleya Orchids by Janet Foster. She is the sweetest lady from England. I just wanted to take her home with me! This is her example. I didn't get mine all the way done in class, so I was going to finish it at home (giving it color). I dropped it! I was so upset. It shattered into many little pieces. One of the pitfalls of working with sugar!

I also had a class by Dianne Gruenberg on how to make life like apple blossom branch. It was so fun and informative. You could tell I was a novice at gumpaste flowers, for I took a long time to do this and the orchid above :)... I need way more practice to to a bunch at a time!
I also took a class in buttercream roses by Linda Bills. They were one of those things, I knew how to do, but didn't feel like I did very well.
Break the Mold - Make It! by Marina Sousa
And finally a class on building, owning and operating a successful cake business by Lori Vreeke.
She was really helpful and full of information and experience from her own venture. It gives me a lot to think about and consider.
Now it's time to use all the things I learned (and bought :) and put them to good use!

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